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[movies]jffeklew - kdfvn;e
Downloads: 86
[texts] Tips On How To Choose The Best Fujitsu FMV AC 317 Charger
When I first purchased my Fujitsu FMV-AC317, it came with its own power supply in the form of a battery that is rechargeable. However, this battery lasts for some time and requires to be recharged. For this I have a Fujitsu FMV-AC317 charger. Some time back my charger malfunctioned and I was in the market for a new one. That is when that I realized that there are hundreds of different type of chargers and adapters and that most manufacturers will tend to provide accessories exclusively for their...
Keywords: Fujitsu FMV-AC317 adapter; Fujitsu FMV-AC317 charger; Fujitsu FMV-AC317 power supply
Downloads: 11
[movies]Sega Mega CD Longplay [125] Devastator - MadMatty
Japanese only release.  Gameplay is split between platform and shootemup sections.  You can collect 3 different weapons although only the laser seems to be a sure thing in all situations. Gameplay sections are quite basic and short.  Each level is broken up by some FMV and to me, the video and gameplay dont seem all that connected.  Its like playing a random game to unlock the next bit of fmv/story...
Keywords: Devastator; sega cd; japanese; longplay; game; console; complete; fmv
Downloads: 69
[movies]PC Longplay 508 Star Trek Klingon - MadMatty
"In order to dispel common misbeliefs regarding Klingons, Gowron (Robert O'Reilly) creates a holodeck "immersion studies" program to teach humans about his people's culture.The player assumes the role of Pok, a young Klingon about to undergo the Rite of Ascension. The celebration is interrupted, however, when Pok's father is killed during an assassination attempt on Gowron's life. Gowron and Pok then swear a blood oath to find the killers and bring them to honorable justice."Much like the previo...
Keywords: Star Trek; Klingon; PC; Game; FMV; Complete; walkthrough; guide; longplay
Downloads: 94
[movies]Red Alert 3 Intro - EA Los Angeles
The Intro cutscene files from Red Alert 3, taken from the 2008 game demo. It explains the backstory of altering time, and the rise of Japan as a world superpower in the altered time line. As all the Red Alert games, the cutscenes involve live actors. Files are available in the original Red Alert 3 video codec format and audio, which might not play on all players, or as converted H264 video files.
Keywords: Red Alert 3; Intro; Cutscene; FMV; EA Los Angeles
Downloads: 2,355 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Sega Mega CD Longplay 124 Cadillacs& Dinosaurs - MadMatty
Game played on its default Hard mode which is...damned Hard!  Each chapter is followed by a story segment so don't skip to much if you want to see it all ;)It starts our fairly easy, just to give you a chance to get used to spotting the various obstacles and paths.  The health pickups can be quite far apart sometimes which presents problems later when you have mines on the road and being shot at from the sides...
Keywords: sega; megacd; segacd; genesis; game; console; rocket science; cadillacs and dinosaurs; fmv; complete; longplay
Downloads: 96
[audio]Case Study: The Doctor The Insurance Advisor Mistreated - Promod Sharma
Episode 126 Is this the era of bad service? A week without phone service (episode 126). A summer of medical mistreatment in 2008. There's poor after-sales service with life insurance,Doctors are among the most coveted clients. Even they get mistreated. Here's an email from a doctor ... This podcast accompanies a blog post at Riscario Insider: Subscribe on iTunes:
Keywords: podcast; actuary; riscario insider; buyer beware; trust; corporate; actuarial valuation; fair market value; FMV
Downloads: 24
[audio]Devourer d'Opinion 006 Interactivité Dans L'expérience 07102013 - Game Devourer (@gamedevourer)
Jusqu'à quel point l'interactivité conditionne-t-elle la qualité de l'expérience vidéoludique ?
Keywords: podcast; qte; cinematic; full motion video; fmv; quantic dream; devourer d'opinion
Downloads: 3
[audio]Rauschlevel #005: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game, Blur, Fate of the world, FMV-Games -
In unserer fünften Episode sprechen wir über:- Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game- Blur- Fate of the world- “Das 2. Album” von erfolgreichen Indie-Entwicklern (z.B. The Witness oder Journey)- Full Motion Video-Games
Keywords: Blur; Braid; Fate of the world; FMV-Games; Indie; Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game
Downloads: 18
[texts]Three new species of Chusquea (Gramineae: Bambusoideae). Ann (Volume v.72 (1985))

Keywords: Poaceae; Mesoamerica; Ecuador; Chusquea serpens; Chusquea pohlii; Chusquea latifolia; Chusquea; BRC; Bambusoideae; MESO; FMV6; CEC
Downloads: 37
[movies]Mega CD Longplay 010 Space Ace - MadMatty
Conversion of the arcade laserdisc original to the Sega CD.  It's a short game when you know what to do but damn is it difficult.  You pretty much need to know what moves to press before the following scene plays else you don't have enough time to react especially towards the end of the game.  I add the demo's of dragons lair and Brain dead 13 onto the end of the video.As a bonus, you can also download a longer video which contains all the fmv scenes of the game...
Keywords: Space Ace; sega cd; mega cd; genesis; mega drive; game; longplay; walkthrough; complete; fmv
Downloads: 72
[software]Mad Dog McCree for DOS PC Compatibles
Mad Dog McCree for DOS PC Compatibles (1993)
Keywords: MadDog; Mad Dog McCree; pc game; fmv game; arcade port; archiveteam; dos game
Downloads: 70
[movies]PSX Longplay [174] X-Files - MadMatty
Multidisc (4) FMV Adventure game played on the playstation.  A few audio issues related to emulation but I hope it doesnt spoil the longplay too much.The game is very dark so best played in low light conditions.  The adventure starts off very slow as you start the investigation into finding Mulder and Scully.  Me spending time looking at random objects doesn't help the pace either but I felt at the time there were interesting to include...
Keywords: X Files; X-Files; sony; Playstation; psx; ps1; console; game; longplay; complete; solution; walkthrough; fmv; adventure
Downloads: 264
[movies]Fate in Motion - tman987
Title Fate in Motion User tman987 Date uploaded 2008-02-15 20:47 Description A music video I made featuring the downfall of Anakin Skywalker and the realization of his son, Luke, of what really became of his father. Tags music, amv, anakin, battle, clones, empire, fate, fmv, hope, jedi, metal, metalcore, motion, music video, obi, sith, skywalker, soilwork, space, star wars, wars Original URL
Keywords: music; amv; anakin; battle; clones; empire; fate; fmv; hope; jedi; metal; metalcore; motion; music video; obi; sith; skywalker; soilwork; space; star wars; wars
Downloads: 4
[movies]Sega Mega-CD_Longplay_088_Wheel_of_Fortune - MadMatty
Short and sweet longplay of Wheel of Fortune. I could have put more effort into making it but it more life like I guess, but I've ensured the video is not too long ;)
Keywords: Sega SegaCD CD MegaCD Mega Drive Console genesis longplay Wheel of Fortune game gameshow fmv walkthrough shortplay complete solution stratagy ending
Downloads: 69
[movies]Sega Mega-CD Longplay [076] Supreme Warrior - MadMatty
Once again some smartass developer thaught it would be a good idea to limit the ending movie to those that can complete the game on Expert(Supreme) difficulty. Sorry for looking n00bish playing the game I did the best I could. Blocking is easy as you always see that coming but timing the other hits is insainly precise. Another issue with the game is the odd option of the B+C buttons switching the language track in the game anytime durring play...
Keywords: Sega CD SegaCD Mega MegaDrive Drive Genesis Console Supreme Warrior FMV 1994 Digital Pictures Mega-CD (Video Game Platform) Longplay Shortplay Complete Ending secrets walkthrough solution Playthrough Gameplay
Downloads: 135
[movies]Sega Mega-CD Longplay [075] Fahrenheit - MadMatty
A complete playthrough on Hard difficulty. Full ending and all Bonus items. The video could have been about 30 mins shorter had I ignored the bonus objectives and sadly their isn't any reward for finding them all :/ Level 3 went on abit to long as I went the wrong way around the map so I saw Operation room and service room in wrong order and had to go round again at the end. Thankfully the game manual contains the level maps else id never have gotten through the huge maze...
Keywords: SegaCD Sega CD Mega Drive MegaCD Genesis Console Fahrenheit Fire service FMV Game Longplay Complete Hard Difficulty Solution ending secrets Playthrough Gameplay
Downloads: 183
[movies]Sega Mega-CD Longplay [082] Time Cop - MadMatty
This game was not officially released. The game seems quite unfinished. The FMV cut scenes add nothing to the game or story, but the cd audio isnt too bad. There seems very little connection to the movie apart from the name and the time travel device. Gameplay pretty much consists of finding the exit in a small amount of time and killing anything in your way if you want too. Pretty generic, but it could still have done with more boss fights...
Keywords: Sega SegaCD MegaCD Mega drive megadrive Genesis Console Time Cop platform fmv game gameplay walkthrough playthrough complete longplay shortplay bossfight secrets
Downloads: 107
[movies]Sega Mega-CD Longplay [077] Slam City with Scottie Pippen - MadMatty
From the creator of such excellent titles as Supreme Warrior, Night Trap, and Corpse Killer, Tom Zito brings us another killer FMV game in the shape of Digital Pictures Slam City with Scottie Pippen. All the action of real one-on-one basketball. Shoot, Drive, steal the ball or block shots, perform spectacular action moves to the hoop. 100% Real Video - Not a computer Generated Game! In order to take on Scottie Pippen, 1 Billion respect points are required to unlock him...
Keywords: Sega CD Segacd Megadrive Megacd Mega Genesis Game FMV Slam City with Scottie Pippen longplay walkthrough complete secrets Playthrough Gameplay Basketball
Downloads: 80
[movies]Sega Mega-CD Longplay [073] Corpse Killer - MadMatty
This version of the game is quite long and repetative but thankfully comes with a save game function so you can play it in smaller sessions and whent he game is going well. The game was recorded in an Emulator which seems to have caused the comms screen to bug causing videos to appear which havent been unlocked yet. The videos are normaly unlocked when you rescue the soldiers. The game becomes repetative due to having to attack the fortress 4 times and go through the whole sequence each time bef...
Keywords: Sega CD SegaCD Mega MegaCD Genesis Drive Corpse Killer Digital Pictures 1994 FMV FPS Shooter Longplay Complete Walkthrough Strategy Ending Secrets Zombie Voodoo
Downloads: 352
[movies]Sega Mega-CD Longplay [072] Night Trap - MadMatty
One of the earliest games for the SegaCD. The game revolves around being in the right room at the right time in order to capture the Augers (Not quite vampires) and save all the girls in the game. Unfortunaly, although this is a perfect playthrough, capturing all the augers means skipping all the story videos since everything is happening in real time. I plan to make a seperate video showing the story videos instead...
Keywords: Sega CD MegaCD SegaCD Genesis 32x Night Trap Digital Pictures 1992 FMV Adventure Action Augers Longplay Walkthrough Solution Complete Secrets
Downloads: 394
[movies]Bleeding Edge TV 420: OnStar API, FMV, RelayRides at CES - We chat with Vijay Iyer of OnStar to talk about how the OnStar FMV mirror add-on is performing at retail, as well as the new announcement of the OnStar API. The OnStar API allows third-party developers to write code and apps that tap into OnStar's cloud of user information. The first announced partner is RelayRides, which allows the average user to lend out his or her vehicle when they aren't using it, all controlled by a RelayRides app that taps into OnStar...
Keywords: technology; consumer electronics show; ces; ces 2012; onstar; vijay iyers; cars; onstar fmv; relayrides; onstar for my vehicle; onstar api; onstar developers; andru; andru edwards; gear live; automobile; gm; general motors
Downloads: 8
[audio]Retro Obscura Episode 10: Double Digits - Retro Obscura
Intro Interview with Jungle Rat Rob of The Retro League Podcast You call THAT art?! -Tongue of the Fatman (Multiple Home Computers)-Michael Jordan:Chaos in the Windy City (SNES) WTFRetro -Tongue of the Fatman -Sword of Sodan (Mega Drive/Genesis) Feature: Top Ten Obscure and underrated characters in gaming. Games of the Rising Sun:-Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti - Famicom (1989)-Baku Baku (Sega Master System) It's not THAT bad!-Pac-Man (Atari 2600)-BC: Quest for Tires (colecovision) T...
Keywords: retro; obscure; 80s; 90s; 70s; videogames; atari; sega; nintendo; colecovision; intellivision; nes; genesis; megadrive; snes; segacd; fmv; turbographx16; pcengine; famicom; superfamicom; neogeo; arcade; interviews; podcast
Downloads: 8
[audio]Retro Obscura Episode 12: Strange Sports - Retro Obscura
You Call That Art- Tommy Lasorda Baseball (Mega Drive) Street Hockey '95 (SNES) WTFRetro: Pigskin 621 A.D. (Arcade, Mega Drive) Basketball Nightmare (Sega Master System)Features: Wade Hixon's Counter Punch (Game Boy Advance) Thrasher: Skate and Destroy (PSX) Games of the Rising Sun Queen of Queens (PC-FX) Alex Kidd BMX Trials (Sega Master System)Its not THAT bad: Super High Impact (Mega Drive/Arcade/SNES) Kings of the Beach (NES)  Special Thanks and Links: By These Hands: https:/...
Keywords: retro; obscure; 80s; 90s; 70s; videogames; atari; sega; nintendo; colecovision; intellivision; nes; genesis; megadrive; snes; segacd; fmv; turbographx16; pcengine; famicom; superfamicom; neogeo; arcade; interviews; podcast
Downloads: 8
[audio]Retro Obscura Episode 13: Full Motion Video and Taco Bell - Retro Obscura
Intro WTFRetro:Masked Rider (sega cd)Spaceship Warlock (pc/mac) Features: 7th Guest (PC)  Phantasmagoria 1 and 2 (PC)Thayer's Quest  (arcade\Halcyon)----------- Video Game Challenge: ZoopIts not THAT bad:Wirehead (sega CD)Tomcat alley (sega cd)Area 51 (Arcade) PLUS TRIVIA!!!
Keywords: retro; obscure; 80s; 90s; 70s; videogames; atari; sega; nintendo; colecovision; intellivision; nes; genesis; megadrive; snes; segacd; fmv; turbographx16; pcengine; famicom; superfamicom; neogeo; arcade; interviews; podcast
Downloads: 9
[texts]XBOX Manual: Mortal Kombat - Armageddon
XBOX Manual: Mortal Kombat - Armageddon
Keywords: kombat; press; button; xbox; select; midway; profile; mortal; fighter; player; xbox live; motor kombat; jmain jmenu; fighter selection; special power; player profile; opening fmv; mortal kombat; fighting styles; death traps
Downloads: 159
[texts]3DO Magazine - Issue 10 (1996-05)(Paragon Publishing)(GB)
3DO Magazine - Issue 10 (1996-05)(Paragon Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; games; issue; fmv; graphics; playstation; gameplay; sega; doom; wing commander; space hulk; credit card; samurai shodown; paragon publishing; mortal kombat; return fire; killing time; fifa soccer; cannon fodder
Downloads: 319
[audio]Retro Obscura Episode 11:We need a Hero! - Retro Obscura
We Need a Hero! You Call THAT art!? -Johnny and the Jimpy's (Commodore 64) -Ultraman (SNES) -Kung Food (Lynx)  Guest interview with Anthony Ball, programmer of the unreleased game 'Superhero" for Amiga Computers  WTFRetro:  -Batman (Turbo Graphix 16) -Sunman (NES)-Last Action Hero (Game Gear)  Features: -Comix Zone (Mega Drive) -Lampshade erm...Nightshade (NES) -Astroboy (GBA)  Games of the Rising Sun: -Ultra League: Moero! Soccer Daikessen!! -Ultraman (Super Famicom)-Pepsima...
Keywords: retro; obscure; 80s; 90s; 70s; videogames; atari; sega; nintendo; colecovision; intellivision; nes; genesis; megadrive; snes; segacd; fmv; turbographx16; pcengine; famicom; superfamicom; neogeo; arcade; interviews; podcast
Downloads: 9
[texts]3DO Magazine - Issue 12 (1996-07)(Paragon Publishing)(GB)
3DO Magazine - Issue 12 (1996-07)(Paragon Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; issue; fmv; games; fresco; click; graphics; magazine; gameplay; olympic; turn left; theme park; iron angel; olympic soccer; killing time; captain quazar; central hub; olympic games; wing commander; electronic arts
Downloads: 466
[texts]Amiga CD32 - Issue 2 (1994-01)(Future Publishing)(GB)
Amiga CD32 - Issue 2 (1994-01)(Future Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: amiga; game; games; fmv; commodore; platform; soccer; mpeg; arcade; squeak; cannon fodder; tower assault; james pond; international soccer; amiga format; arcade pool; alien breed; wembley international; platform game; future publishing
Downloads: 141
[audio]Binge Gamer's Final Fantasy Extravaganza -
Richard Schupp, Perry Piekarski, and Elissa Arms of take you on a journey of the Final Fantasy series. The games themselves, behind the scenes, the music, they touch on it all, including the future... have a listen and enjoy as a fan or noobs to the series, this is a great introduction.
Keywords: Final Fantasy; Square-Enix; SquareSoft; advent children; cloud; ff; ff7; ff9; ffix; ffvii; final fantasy 7; final fantasy 8; final fantasy 9; final fantasy vii; final fantasy viii; fmv; magic; music video; rpg; sephiroth; squall; strife; summon; tidus; tifa; video; vii; yuna
Downloads: 376
[audio]Cross Platform Podcast Episode 17 - Launch Memories
Gaming memories are sometimes especially system launches. Today in episode 17 we discuss our memories with some system launches and why it so groundbreaking! Podcast Hosts: GamezOfWar (Josh) CornMuffin (Viewtiful Joe) ZeroXShinobi (Zero)
Keywords: Cross Platform Podcast CrossPlatformPodcast Zeroxshinobi Gamezofwar Gamez of war xcornmuffinx cornmuffin joe cornmuffin Viewtiful Joe System Launches Console Launches Sega Genesis Launch SNES Launch NES Launch Sega Saturn Launch 32 Bit Era Console Wars 16 Bit Era Retro Gaming Croc Playthrough 3DO Games Playdia Games DBZ Games FMV Sega CD Action Reaction Games CPP Gamesofwar The Witcher 2 Shinji mikami Last game Cross Platform Podcast Episode 17 Sonic and Allstar Racing Transformed
Downloads: 53
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